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privacy statement

Personal data will only be stored if you obtain/ purchase a product and / or service from Call On Me or if you have given explicit permission for this.

Personal data is stored by:
Entrepreneur: Patricia Meijer
Company: Call On Me
Visiting address: Spaarndammerstraat 746, 1013 TJ Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Email: info@callonme.amsterdam
Telephone number: +31 (0) 6 509 80 808
Chamber of Commerce number: 68288255
Call On Me is responsible for compliance with the “Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG)” (General Data Protection Regulation), the administration of customers and the administration for analysis and marketing purposes. Call On Me is responsible within the meaning of the AVG. Call On Me is responsible for all data processing on behalf of Call On Me.
Call On Me collects and processes personal data for the administration of customers, the implementation of the agreement, the collection of payments, the website, personal marketing and to comply with legal obligations.
The personal data stored by Call On Me mainly serves to implement the agreement with regard to the delivery of a product and / or service by Call On Me. Without this data provision it is not possible for Call On Me to execute the agreement.
Call On Me handles your personal data with the utmost care and does everything possible to store your data securely. Any data breaches are always reported to the Dutch “Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens” (Data Protection Authority) and to those involved whose personal data may have been compromised. In the event of a data breach, Call On Me always takes the appropriate measures to guarantee the reliability of the website.
If you believe that your personal data is used incorrectly, has been obtained or has been stored incorrectly, and despite repeated requests it is not possible for you to delete your data, you can submit a complaint to the Dutch “Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens” at any time.
Call On Me stores the following personal data about you:
– for the implementation of the agreement for the service provided: your name, gender, address, postcode, place of residence, order number, bank / credit card details, telephone number and e-mail address;
– for paying and handling invoices: your name, gender, address, zip code, city, order number, telephone number and e-mail address;
– to request a free quote: your name, gender, address, zip code, city, telephone number and e-mail address;
– for handling questions and complaints: your name, gender, address, zip code, town, telephone number and e-mail address.
Personal data is never stored for longer than is strictly necessary and can be viewed, changed and deleted at any time. If use is made of photos or other images on which natural persons are depicted, Call On Me always first asks permission from the person from whom the photo or image is placed. View, change and remove (including the right to be forgotten) and revoke the given permission is possible through an unambiguous statement addressed to info@callonme.amsterdam.
Your personal data will in any case be deleted:
– in the case of the execution of the agreement: 5 years after the termination of the agreement for possible future agreements, unless you have given explicit permission to store the personal data for a longer period of time or if the data must be kept for longer on the basis of a statutory arrangement or provision;
– in the case of paying and handling the invoices: 7 years after paying the relevant invoice, for the purpose of meeting the legal obligation of the Tax Authorities;
– in the case of handling questions and complaints: after satisfactorily resolving the complaint;
– in the case of a request for a free quote: 60 days after sending the free quote.
To ensure that the agreement runs smoothly, Call On Me can use a number of external parties that may also gain insight into your data. In any case, they will store the data for as long as this is necessary for the execution of their work. Under no circumstances will the personal data be used for purposes other than the work for Call On Me, unless the person concerned has explicitly requested permission for this. Processor Agreements apply to all external transfers of personal data.
A web hosting party is used to host the website / app. Personal data necessary for hosting the website / app are provided to the web hosting party.
A web designer is used to edit, adjust and maintain the website / app. Personal data, necessary for editing, adjusting and maintaining the website / app are provided to the web designer.
A payment provider is used to collect invoices. Personal data necessary for the collection of payments are provided to the payment provider.
If you want more information about which external parties are processing your personal data, you can always send an email to info@callonme.amsterdam.
Call On Me is free to create a blacklist with regard to the personal data of persons who have seriously damaged Call On Me’s trust. The blacklist is kept indefinitely and can only be viewed by a very limited group of Call On Me employees. The blacklist is kept, also for future offers from Call On Me. In any case, the blacklist includes people who, despite repeated requests, do not comply with any payment obligation from Call On Me.

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